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Matleena Laakso

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I am an expert in teaching and learning - specialised in ICT in education and professional development. I have worked mainly as a self-employed trainer for the past five years. Since 2016 I have worked also as a part-time expert and teacher at the School of Professional Teacher Education at TAMK - Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I have done my master's degree in adult education and worked with continuous professional development for more than 15 years. I speak Finnish, English and some German and Swedish.
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Since 2009 my main areas have been working with ICT in education, e-learning, social media and mobile learning. I have worked with companies, public administration, organizations and especially with educational institutions - from elementary to higher education.

My previous work experience includes working at the Brahea Centre at the University of Turku, Center of Educational Technology at the City of Tampere and at the Faculty of Education in the University of Tampere. Our unit at the university educated, researched and developed processes for learning, counselling and evaluation in work communities. Personally I specialized in problem-based learning, co-operative learning and learning at work.

Presentations in English (Year 2018)

Mobie eSmart Learning Environment (in Chinese)

Mobie eSmart learning environment by the Finnish Mobie Ltd has been developed in co-operation with 100 Finnish schools. I have been training personnel of companies, schools and public administration to create online courses and Mobie Zine publications since 2014 in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Besides training I have been building courses for companies based on their own learning materials. (More information in Finnish.)

Previous presentations in English

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