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Matleena Laakso

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I am an expert in teaching and learning - specialised in ICT in education and professional development - as well as a freelancer trainer. Since 2016 I have worked also as a part-time expert and teacher at the School of Vocational Teacher Education at TAMK - Tampere University of Applied Sciences and at University of Turku. I have done my master's degree in adult education and worked with continuous professional development for more than 15 years. I speak Finnish, English and some German and Swedish.
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In the last nine years my main areas have been working with ICT in education, e-learning, social media and mobile learning. I have worked with companies, public administration, organizations and especially with educational institutions - from elementary to higher education.

My previous work experience includes working at the Center of Educational Technology at the City of Tampere and at the Faculty of Education in the University of Tampere. Our unit at the university educated, researched and developed processes for learning, counselling and evaluation in work communities. Personally I specialized in problem-based learning, co-operative learning and learning at work.

Chongqing University of Sciences and Technology, China

On July 2017 I trained new university teachers in Chongqing in China. I worked with a colleague TAMK lecturer Hanna Saraketo and interpreter Li Zhang. I wrote three blog post in Finnish language: Ensikertaa KiinassaChongqing, hot pot ja munakoiso and Kiinassa opettajia kouluttamassa.

Mobie OnEdu/eSmart Learning Environment (in Chinese)

Previous presentations in English

  • University Pedagogical Studies (4 ects), University of Vaasa, with Satu Öystilä (2015)
  • Pedagogy in the Key Role! (several presentations of PAOK Network and/or Center for Educational Technology, City of Tampere, 2009-2014)
  • Teacher training in Finland and the work environment in upper secondary and VET schools, Study Visit (2009) 
  • Open the Classroom's door! Present situation and future of eLearning models in Vocational Education and Learning – case Tampere region, PLIMe Seminar presentation with Anne Suoniemi (2009)
  • Supporting the Change, PBL-PD Program as the Dynamo for Teachers' Empowerment and Organizational Change (paper presentation with Sari Poikela
    • FACE The Annual Conference of the Forum for the Advancement of Continuing Education, Ireland, Cork (2005) 
    • International Conference on Problem- Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning - Bridging Work and Education, Finland, Lahti (2005)

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  1. This is a really great work and real innovation, I am impressed by the diversity of your work!